OnePlus Nord Series To Make Its Debut In The US In 2020

OnePlus Nord Featured Image AH

OnePlus made a comeback in the mid-range segment with the newly launched OnePlus Nord smartphone. The first device in this new series is limited to Europe and India. According to Wired, the CEO of OnePlus has confirmed that a Nord-branded smartphone will make its debut in the US by the end of this year.

However, this is probably not the same OnePlus Nord that was recently launched. As mentioned in his previous interview, the OnePlus Nord will continue to be an ongoing series of mid-range smartphones.

OnePlus Nord to launch in the US in 2020

With the OnePlus Nord series, the company is taking a second dig at the mid-range segment. The OnePlus X, launched in 2015, is the company’s first-ever mid-range smartphone. Instead of launching a completely new device, the company might make a few tweaks to the current model to better suit the US users.


It also faces stiff competition from devices like the LG Velvet, which will benefit from the carrier subsidizes. Prior to the OnePlus Nord launch, the company said it will make a limited number of OnePlus Nord devices available in the US through a beta program.

It could be a tweaked version of the recently launched OnePlus Nord

We don’t think the latest statement is related to this anyway, as it may kill the hope of buying a Nord smartphone in the US. With the ever-increasing pricing of OnePlus flagships, it certainly needed a good mid-range smartphone to take on its price-conscious customers. After the OnePlus 8 series launch, OnePlus also reached the $999 price tag category.

The $400 OnePlus Nord offers bang-for-bucks specifications and a premium looking design. It also supports 5G but is limited to sub-6GHz and not mmWave spectrum. The device also packs flagship-grade features like its 90Hz Fluid AMOLED display and Warp Charge 30 fast charging technology.


It even shares its primary 48MP camera with the flagship OnePlus 8 smartphone. However, the compromises made on this device such as the missing IP certification and lack of wireless charging might not impact many users.

Unlike other mid-range smartphones, the OnePlus Nord brings the same bloatware-free and fan-favorite Oxygen OS. In terms of build quality, the OnePlus Nord comes with a curved glass body and plastic frame. The recent bend-test video of the OnePlus Nord also raised a few doubts regarding its durability.

Obviously, it will show a little effect when using the device with a protective case. We should be expecting an official announcement from the company in the near future. Stay tuned!