[UPDATE: Release Date Confirmed] OnePlus Confirms The Name Of Its First TWS Earbuds

black OnePlus Buds leak 2

UPDATE: After OnePlus confirmed the name of its first TWS earbuds, their release date has also been confirmed. The company will announce OnePlus Buds on July 21, along with the OnePlus Nord, as expected.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: OnePlus has just confirmed the name of its first pair of TWS earbuds. They will be called ‘OnePlus Buds’. The company did that indirectly, but the confirmation is quite obvious at this point.

OnePlus shared a new tweet via its official Twitter handle. The company simply wrote “We’re buds, right?”, and it’s quite obvious why. For those of you out of the loop, let me explain.


OnePlus confirmed the name of its first TWS earbuds, they're coming on July 21

The company’s first pair of TWS (Truly Wireless) earbuds is coming on July 21, alongside the OnePlus Nord. That is quite obvious at this point. The earbuds have been certified already, and even leaked several times. OnePlus also teased their arrival recently.

In any case, we were not sure if they’re going to be called ‘OnePlus Buds’ or ‘OnePlus Pods’. A tipster suggested that the company will go with the ‘OnePlus Buds’ name.

On the flip side, Android 11 Beta for the OnePlus 8 series suggested the ‘OnePlus Pods’ name. Well, it seems like OnePlus has settled for ‘OnePlus Buds’ after all, and it seems to be a good choice.

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The ‘OnePlus Pods’ name would sound too similar to Apple’s ‘AirPods’ branding, in a way. This way, it doesn’t really resemble anything, well, in terms of its name, at least.

Those earbuds will come in multiple color options. Both white and black options have already been teased, but we’re guessing that more color options will become available.

OnePlus had already released several Bluetooth earphones, but never TWS ones. This will be their first pair, and we’re hoping that ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) will be included.


These earbuds did leak recently, several times

The earbuds did leak recently. It seems like they won’t include a silicone seal on their body, similar to AirPods 1 and 2. So, they’ll be open-ear earbuds, so ANC is even more important than ever.

They’ll be a bit shorter than both AirPods 1 and 2, if the leaks are any indication. The case will be quite compact, and it will include an LED light indicator on both the inside and outside, like most other TWS earbuds do.

The case and the earbuds themselves will be made mostly out of plastic, we’re guessing. We do hope that wireless charging will be included, at least for the case.


We still do not know how much will these cost, so stay tuned for that. The OnePlus Buds will become official on July 21, almost certainly, so stay tuned.