OnePlus Buds Will Have Unbelievable Battery Life


In a forum post today, OnePlus announced some key features of the new truly wireless earbuds that they are going to debut alongside Nord. The post also talked about the battery life for the OnePlus Buds, which is going to be pretty unbelievable.

So according to the post, the OnePlus Buds are going to offer 30 hours of battery life. Obviously, that is with recharging via the charging case. But they can last for seven hours continuously. Which is pretty incredible actually, and beats the AirPods, as well as the Galaxy Buds+ which have 24 and 22 hours respectively. Both of those also do around six to seven hours continuously.

OnePlus wanted to take away battery anxiety with the Buds

One of the biggest problems with truly wireless headphones right now, is the lack of battery life. Sure some companies boast that theirs can last 24 hours or so. But that is not on a single charge. That's through a few recharges. The battery life on a single charge is pretty low still, and that's because the earbuds are much smaller.


For a while, most truly wireless earbuds were coming in at around four to five hours of continuous playback. But now we are seeing them get closer to six or seven hours, or even longer. And OnePlus wanted to strive for that seven hour mark to really take away the battery anxiety.

Seven hours is long enough to get a workout in at the gym, do a few Zoom calls, or even listen to music on your commute home from work. It's a sweet spot of not really needing to worry about battery life, but they don't last all day long. And it's likely you'll want to take these out before the seven hours are up anyways. To give your ears a break.

The buds and charging case are still light

On top of the great battery life, OnePlus Buds are still super lightweight. The Buds come in at 4.6 grams each, and the carrying case is around 36 grams. So they can sit in your pocket without any real issues.


The carrying case is also pretty small, and still offers a pretty decently sized battery inside for recharging the OnePlus Buds. And that's a really great feature to have.

OnePlus should be announcing the Buds on July 21, alongside the highly anticipated OnePlus Nord. And there might even be a few other surprises in store.