OnePlus 8T Will Have An Upgraded Camera

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The OnePlus Nord is barely out the door, and we’re already turning our attention to the OnePlus 8T. And we now know that the OnePlus 8T won’t be using the same camera setup as the OnePlus 8 series from earlier this year.

OnePlus updated its camera app this week, and the kind folks over at XDA Developers have torn down the APK to find that there is a string for a 64-megapixel sensor, that will likely be included in the OnePlus 8T.

Normally, that wouldn’t be enough to go on, but considering the fact that OnePlus doesn’t currently have a phone that has a 64-megapixel sensor, that means that it is likely coming in the OnePlus 8T series. Which is expected to be announced later this year.


OnePlus 8T will still take 16-megapixel photos by default

Thanks to pixel binning, the OnePlus 8T likely won’t be taking 64-megapixel photos all the time. It will instead, bin those photos down to 16-megapixels. But they will be very high-resolution 16-megapixel photos.

This is similar to what OnePlus does currently with the 8 series. Which sport 48-megapixel sensors, but output 12-megapixel images. Now, there will be an option to go with 64-megapixel images though, if you really want all of that detail. That’s going to be a good idea if you plan to do any sort of cropping on the photo after you’ve taken it.

OnePlus Nord is getting a “Gray Ash” color later this year

Also found in the app, is a string indicating that the OnePlus Nord will be available in “Gray Ash” in the future. Possibly a new color option that will come out just before the holiday shopping season kicks off.


Currently, the OnePlus Nord is available in Gray Onyx and Blue Marble. It would be a bit of a surprise for OnePlus to add another gray color, unless it plans to do a matte finish on this particular model. Then it would make more sense.

Normally, smartphone manufacturers will introduce a new color for its smartphones about halfway through its life cycle. This is an attempt to sell more smartphones, and to also garner more hype for the device. OnePlus doesn’t typically do this though. It has, however, announced colors that were not available at launch, and they were available a month or two later (this happened with the OnePlus 7 series last year).

Either way, it’s going to be great to see what this gray ash color actually looks like.