OnePlus 8 Series Android 11 Beta 2 Is Ready For Download Now


Android 11 Beta 2 is now available as an OTA update for users of the OnePlus 8 series. The firmware update can be flashed, just as with the original Beta for Android 11. Or it will arrive as an OTA update for those who have already installed Android 11 Beta 1. But it also reportedly comes with a few bugs that users will want to be aware of.

The problems known to exist with this update include stability issues and apps may not perform the way they're intended to. That's fairly standard fare for beta firmware since not every developer will have updated their apps with the latest API yet. It's also not unexpected that data on the device will be cleared when the software is flashed.

Beyond that, some camera functions won't be available with this update. And some of the UI won't look great either, although it's not clear exactly where that's going to be applicable.


So what does Android 11 Beta 2 bring to OnePlus devices?

Android 11 Beta 2 was launched by Google just a few days back and arrives with a number of finalizations and features in tow. That finalization should also bring quite a bit of stability back to builds. Only one Beta update remains before the firmware is considered truly finished and ready for stable installation.

Among the top new features, Google is changing the way media playback works in the notifications shade. The UI is now placed on cards that are swipeable, ensuring media doesn't take up too much space. That's even when multiple sources are playing audio or video. New screen recording tools, a better screenshot UI, and improved conversation management are included as well.

What are the risks here?

Now, by all accounts, the majority of users are going to be better off waiting for the final variant of Android 11 to be launched. And that doesn't just apply to OnePlus 8 series devices or this Android Beta specifically either. Beta firmware poses unique challenges, even for tech-savvy users. The worst-case scenario, of course, is that the firmware will 'brick' users devices.


Even where those issues don't present themselves, OxygenOS features are going to be missing as well. Those simply haven't been ported over yet. So users shouldn't expect a standard OnePlus experience here.