New Code Shows Google Is Working On Assistant Chat Head


Android 11 Developer Preview showcased that Google is bringing the Bubbles chat head to the table. Notably, the notification from messaging apps will pop-up as a chat head. This is a feature that you might have already seen with the Facebook Messenger's features chat head. Google introduced Bubbles to allow users to multi-task from anywhere on their Android phones. And taking things further, a new line of code of Google app shows Assistant Chat Head.

Well, what does this mean? If a report from 9to5Google is to be believed, the latest version of Google app beta v11.21 shows a new code hinting that Google is working on Google Voice Assistant chat head feature. In an APK Insight post, when the Google app was de-compiled, two strings shed light on two features that Google is currently working on. However, note that Google may or may not ship these features that have been spotted in the Google app.

Besides, these features are in their initial stages. The two strings are 'Tap to talk to your Assistant' and 'Assistant Chat Head'. The names are derived from the strings, which explains to drag the Bubble to the bottom of the screen to dismiss it. Below are both the strings which have been spotted by 9to5Google:


<string name=”opa_chat_head_dismiss_content_description”>Assistant Chat Head dismissal area</string>

<string name=”opa_chat_head_tutorial”>”Tap to talk to your Assistant.\nDrag to move or dismiss.”</string>

Currently, the Google Voice Assistant appears as a chat head logo on a white background

As already mentioned, although Google might be working on the Assistant Chat Head feature, nothing can be confirmed whether it will make it to the original app or not. Moreover, the early look shows the Google Voice Assistant's logo on a white background. Tapping on the Assistant Chat Bubble triggers the voice assistant at the bottom of the screen. From here nothing extraordinary happens and you can carry on with the usual assistant tasks.


As per the source, if at all this feature makes its way to the app, we might see a more furnished version of the UI. Besides, it is not known, as of yet, how to enable the Assistant Chat Head feature in Android 11. It will be interesting to see how Google manages to give options to enable the Assistant Bubble. The reason being the Assistant does not usually generate a notification alert.

Whatever the case may be, this feature would be helpful if you are actively using the Assistant while you also want to keep a tab on another app.