Netflix Teams Up With Pearl Abyss For Special Black Desert Event


Netflix and Black Desert online isn't something you would think would be uttered in the same sentence. But the two being mentioned together isn't really as strange as you'd think.

Earlier this morning Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games announced a partnership with Netflix for the popular MMO Black Desert Online. The partnership will see a collaboration event take place within the game that affords players the chance to score some cool loot.

BDO is the PC version of the game. And so far nothing has been mentioned about the collaboration including Black Desert Mobile. So there are almost certainly no plans to include any of that content from the collaboration in the mobile title.


The Black Desert in-game event is based on the hit Netflix show 'Cursed'

Netflix Black Desert Online Collaboration

Last week Netflix launched an epic new high fantasy show called Cursed, based on lore from Arthurian legend.

This collaboration event with Black Desert Online will introduce an in-game event that adds content themed after the show. Players will have a chance to play through the content and acquire various types of in-game items and rewards.


Players will only have so much time to participate in the even though. As it will be a limited time thing. There also hasn't been a specific launch date announced yet. Pearl Abyss does state that it will take place in July. Which means the event will go live sometime within the next week or so.

Pearl Abyss hasn't shared details yet on what the in-game rewards or content will include. With only a week or so left of July though, information regarding the content is sure to pop up in the very near future since the event is supposed to start in July.

Players have a chance to get Black Desert Online for free

As part of the collaboration and to celebrate the upcoming event, Black Desert Online can be acquired for free.


There is one small catch though. To get the game for free, you have to download the game from the Black Desert Online website, then level a character all the way to 50.

Players will only have until August 5 to get to level 50 if they want to claim the game (which normally costs $9.99), so that leaves about a week and half to get the job done. It might seem like a hefty undertaking, but it is totally doable if you put a little effort into playing and grind out progression consistently.

Pearl Abyss is making the game free to download from now until August 5. So you don't even have to pay for it to get started. However any players that don't reach level 50 by that date will end up needing to pay for the game if they want to keep playing.