Catch Up On Netflix In Your Kitchen With Google Nest Smart Displays

Google Nest Hub Max AM AH 2

Google has now added support for Netflix to its Nest-branded smart home displays, reports indicate. That means users can now watch their favorite movies or TV shows anywhere they've placed their Assistant-powered device.

Of course, all of the standard Next Hub core functionality is supported by the addition. That means that on either Google Nest Hub platform, users can use either voice or touch to not just open up the Netflix app. Those things can also be used to play shows or interact with media playback features. Regardless of whether users are trying to find something new to watch or pause and play something they've already started.

Google Nest Hub Max owners are getting an additional perk though. Thanks to the device's built-in camera and related features, gesture controls are supported by Netflix. That means users can raise their hands to pause playback or to start it up again. This should prove useful for those who want to follow along with their Netflix favorite cooking shows without dirtying or damaging. their smart home hub.


Any drawbacks to the addition of Netflix on Next smart displays?

The biggest caveat to the announcement is right there in the title. Namely, Netflix is only going to work on Nest-branded Assistant-powered smart displays. At least for now. And that only includes the 7-inch Google Nest Hub or 10-inch Google Nest Hub Max.

Other best-in-class displays are left out of the updated support entirely. That includes widely-lauded gadgets such as those from Lenovo. Although at least a couple of those devices will still be able to gain support via Android apps.

Is support for other smart home hubs coming?

Support for third-party smart home panels using Google's underlying software is coming. Or at least it is based on the search giant's verbiage. The company says the limit is only in place "at this time."

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That will likely change in the future as the company looks to maintain dominance in the AI market. Albeit, arguably only dominance in terms of software. Other platforms, such as Amazon's Alexa, only support a very limited number of services at this time. For Alexa, the list doesn't include Netflix, for instance.