Mobile Games Just Hit Record-High Weekly Download Numbers


App Annie has put out a new report which highlights the weekly download numbers for mobile games as of Q2 2020. And, without mincing words the download numbers have hit a record-high according to App Annie's data.

It's no surprise that mobile games are popular, and they have hit high download numbers before. In fact the number of downloads for Q1 of 2020 was quite high too. Fairly close to the first week of Q2 based on the chart as it was just under 1 billion.

That didn't stop users from downloading mobile games in even larger numbers for the second quarter's first week. It's also worth pointing out that this data is comprised of weekly download numbers for mobile games on a global scale, and across both Android and iOS.


Q2 2020 weekly download numbers for mobile games jump 20-percent YoY

Compared to the first week of Q2 2019, this year mobile game downloads have jumped up by a 20-percent increase.

The total number of downloads is beyond 1.2 billion. Those numbers translate to a total download number of 14 billion games throughout Q2. While these numbers are split across both Android and iOS, the bulk of those downloads throughout Q2 came from Android.

iOS grew a fair amount. Seeing 20-percent more game downloads YoY compared to 2019. Which amounts to over 3 billion downloads. For Android users, game downloads during the same period saw a 25-percent increase.


Percentage-wise it doesn't seem like a major difference. But the actual number of downloaded games from Google Play throughout Q2 of this year was over 11 billion. Over 8 billion more than iOS.

Mobile games also made a lot of money during this period

Because mobile games are being downloaded more you could also argue that they would make quite a bit of money. And they have.

Throughout Q2 2020 users spent over $19 billion on mobile games. Keep in mind this is globally. Still, it's an impressive number and continues to showcase that mobile games are big business. As for which games actually had the most consumer spend, Tencent's Honour of Kings holds the number one spot.


It's then followed by Roblox, Monster Strike, Pokémon GO, Coin Master, PUBG Mobile, Gardenscapes РNew Acres, Game For Peace, Candy Crush Saga, and finally Fate/Grand Order. PUBG Mobile is sitting lower on the list than it has in the past.

However it's still the top game on the list for monthly active users. With games like Call of Duty: Mobile sitting at number four.