Meet Samsung's New Closet Companion For Refreshing Your Clothes

Samsung AirDresser 2

Samsung makes all kinds of stuff in the consumer electronics category from smartphones to TVs to kitchen tools to washers and dryers, but one of Samsung's newest products is a companion for your closet and helps to refresh your clothes.

It's a closet insert called the Samsung AirDresser, and refreshing your clothes is Samsung's main highlight about why you'd want one. Though it seems to be a perfect fit for closets, it can really be placed anywhere there's enough room.

The AirDresser might certainly seem like an unconventional product to have. But it's not if you really think about it. If you routinely take trips to the dry cleaners, then this is something you'd benefit from. As it sort of does the same job.


Samsung's AirDresser fits in your closet and freshens up your clothes

Considering many people have been locked up inside for months now, trips to the dry cleaners aren't exactly in the cards.

That's where the AirDresser can come in handy. It takes your clothes, or really anything you hang up inside of it, and uses a combination of steam and airflow to help get rid of wrinkles and dusty smells.

It can even sanitize things. Helping the longevity and lifespan of your clothing and other fabric goods. The AirDresser can help get rid of odors too. So if you want your clothes to smell a little bit better, a quick 24-minute pass through this machine should do the trick.


There are 22 different cycles for a fine-tuned clean

Sanitizing and quick refreshes are just two of 22 possible cycles that you could run on the AirDresser.

The Air Hangers & Wrinkle Care cycle is an interesting one. With this cycle you hang up to six garments inside of the AirDresser using the included Air Hangers. Which are designed to emit steam from the hangers onto your clothing to help with the wrinkles. Steam also comes out at the bottom and flows upwards.

There's also a Steam cycle, a Deodorize cycle, and Dry cycle among the rest of them. If your clothing or fabrics tend to take on heavy odors, the Deodorize cycle Samsung claims can get rid of up to 99-percent of the smells.


Judging by the looks of it, the AirDresser seems like it might be hard to get up and running. But, it's not. You don't need to have it professionally installed or anything like that. All you need to do is unpack it, plug it in, and start using it.

It's also capable of connecting to your home Wi-Fi network and is compatible with Samsung SmartThings. Which means you can control it remotely from your smartphone.

Samsung's AirDresser is now available for $1,499. It can be picked up through third party retailers like Amazon, as well as the company's online store. It is however a bit cheaper through Samsung right now as it's 30-percent off for a limited time, bringing the price down to $1,099 for the time being.