List of Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android Phones

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It is an undeniable fact that cryptocurrencies are getting popular nowadays. Mostly among the younger generations. Cryptocurrencies might be in a backfoot right now, but it might leap out In Front anytime. If you look into the trading market, you will find that there are tons of virtual currency that you can trade-in.You might have decided to trade in cryptocurrencies, but do you know of any trustable platform you can invest in? Finding a trustable platform has always been a problem for many traders. It is tough to understand which platform is a scam and which one is legit.After suffering from choosing a scam platform, I came to realize that many traders like me have experienced the same. This made me go through much research to find authentic platforms where you can trade securely.In this article, I have shared some of my research and have enlisted in some applications. All the apps have great reviews and have substantial user databases.


Best Cryptocurrency Apps for android users


We have the resource in our hands to keep tabs on the investment we have done in cryptocurrency. Yes, you guessed it correctly, I am talking about the Smartphones. You will find several trading applications that you download and start trading with just a few clicks. To understand more, you can visit bitqt.

Given below are some of the trusted applications that provide the best Crypto trading services to their audiences.

  • Coinbase

Coin base is one of the largest Crypto trading platforms. It has more than 25 million users’ databases. Coin base has applications on both iOS and Android platforms. It has more than 100 Cryptocurrencies to exchanges. Also, you will get a Coinbase Crypto wallet with a Coinbase account. Coinbase helps the users to make smooth transactions with the help of the wallet. You can even trade-in Cryptocurrencies with a minimum amount of broker charges.

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  • Crypto Trax

Re your Crypto coins sorted out? If not, then you might find Crypto Trax helpful. Crypto Trax app does not bother knowing what Crypto token you have; it just wants to see what you want to do with your Crypto tokens.You have to put the tracking ID of your transactions or deal, Trax will track down all the details. It also has a price alert feature; in case you want to buy or sell any of your Crypto coins. With this feature, you can be at the right place at the right to make profitable deals.

  • Bitworth

Bitworth is one of the non-wallet apps that help the user with its bright and clean design. The interphase is smooth, and users have liked the way the application performed. The app is simple, and you can easily track down all your Crypto assets, real-time price evolution of the holdings, and the types of investment you have done.However, there are some of the features that you might not find in this app. That’s because it is a lightweight app meant for high-speed performances.

  • Xapo wallet

Xapo is a crypto wallet that provides secure storage space for your crypto assets. This app has also been featured in the wall street journal. The three layers of the security supplied by the Xapo wallet is something that you find in other Crypto wallet apps.This app also offers trade services to a certain level. With the help of this app, you can sell, buy, and hold some of your Crypto assets. And if you are thinking of the customer care services, then here is the thing for you, they provide 24X7 customer services.

  • Crypto Tracker

The Crypto tracker is just a simple Cryptocurrency tracking app. But only don’t get backed down just because it is a tracking app. Yes, indeed, you will not find most of the features with this app. However, there are features that you might not find in the other applications.One of the features that you will like the most is the features that it has more than 14 fiat currency at its disposal. That means you can convert your crypto assets into 14 different types of fiat currencies. This feature alone has made this app popular worldwide.This app comes with a simple and clean design that makes it easy for the user to use it.