LG V50 ThinQ & Earlier Flagships Updating To Velvet UI Soon

LG VELVET 01 scaled 1

The LG V50 ThinQ and older flagships will now be updated to the namesake UI from the company's Velvet-branded smartphone. That's according to a recently-reported announcement made by the company. In fact, the LG V50 ThinQ is already being updated with Velvet UI right now. The rollout will follow the same path as any OTA update.

So users should be seeing the changes landing sooner than later before the LG Velvet even lands in the US.

LG will also be updating a swath of other top devices to the new UI for five other Android 10 flagships from the past. That includes the LG G8 ThinQ, V50S ThinQ, V40 ThinQ, V35 ThinQ, and G7 ThinQ.


Why is LG Velvet UI so popular?

According to LG, the biggest changes from this update for the V50 ThinQ and other flagships will include alterations to aesthetics. That includes the volume adjustment UI and other theming differences. It doesn't go into too much detail. But it does say that includes the ability to adjust notification bar color settings. And also the appearance of pop-up windows during calls.

The general theme of the UI itself, as its branding implies, is to create a smoother interface that's also cleaner, easier to read, and more convenient.

Why is LG updating these handsets now?

Now, there's no set timeline in place for older handsets here. But that doesn't make this update any less important.


LG indicates that the reason for its Velvet UI push actually comes back to consumers. The Android overlay has, the company says, been "acclaimed for its high convenience." And it wants to bring that convenience to its other customers. The acclaim itself has come directly from the collected opinions posted to customer contact channels. So this is coming as the direct result of customer feedback.

In effect, LG customers have responded well to the new interface. And that's happened so much so that LG feels it's appropriate to leave behind and replace the UI already found on older handsets.

That's undoubtedly good news for LG consumers since it highlights a willingness by the company to not just listen. But also to respond appropriately to what its fans want.