LG TONE Free Self-Cleaning Wireless Earbuds Make Their US Debut

LG TONE Free self cleaning earbuds 2

Last month LG officially unveiled its TONE Free FN6 self-cleaning true wireless earbuds, and starting today they're officially making their debut in the US.

Which means US consumers can now actually buy them. LG set itself apart from the competition when it announced its self-cleaning earbuds last month. But they weren't yet available as the company stated they wouldn't be releasing until July.

LG also left out any mention of cost. And wouldn't you know it, the TONE Free FN6 are surprisingly affordable. Especially for a pair of true wireless earbuds that can be stored in a self-cleaning case.


The LG TONE Free FN6 are available in the US today for $150

When it comes to price, there are certainly less expensive true wireless earbuds. Razer's Hammerhead True Wireless come to mind if you're looking for a gaming-focused pair.

But there are also plenty of pairs that cost more. Google's new Pixel Buds would be a good example here, retailing for $180. For $150, LG is giving consumers a pair of true wireless earbuds that likely come with good sound quality, but also come with decent battery life and a case that cleans the earbuds.

In this day and age, self-cleaning earbuds are something that LG figures consumers will highly value. And it may be right. As reported last month, the earbuds will come in two colors – matte black and gloss white.


Get yours from LG and LG-authorized retailers

If you're wondering where you can buy yourself a pair, you have a few options.

LG says that the TONE Free FN6 will be available from its own online store. But they'll also be available from LG-authorized retailers at the the above-mentioned price. LG doesn't mention who those retailers would be.

Chances are though you'll find them on Amazon, perhaps Best Buy, and other larger retailers that carry LG consumer electronics in the audio category. Earlier version of the TONE Free are already available on Amazon. So the FN6 will probably show up there too.


LG's TONE Free FN6 aren't the company's first pair of true wireless earbuds. They are however the first pair that come with premium meridian audio technology. Not to mention the UVnano self-cleaning case that LG says kills 99.9-percent of germs.

The world is already a dirty enough place right now. So there's no reason why consumers shouldn't have the option to use a product that lets them be just a little bit cleaner. On a related note, if you already use a UV phone sanitizer, then these earbuds are probably perfect for you.