LG Innotek Unveils World's Smallest Bluetooth Module, Aimed At IoT

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LG Innotek has announced a new Bluetooth low energy (BLE) module for IoT that also happens to be the smallest ever made. Measuring 6mm x 4mm, the new module measures in at just 75-percent of the size of the previous model.

Despite the reduction in size, the component OEM notes that the new chip actually boasts a 30-percent increase in performance over existing products. The significant improvement is the result of the company’s differentiated RF signal design technology. Because of that technology, LG was able to pack more than 20 components into the diminutive space. That includes communication chips, resistors, inductors, and more.


Perhaps more importantly, LG Innotek claims that the reduction in size actually eliminates signal interference too. Even with obstacles between a smartphone and the IoT device, communication performance improvements hold. That means less signal degradation for end-users.

The company’s integrated technology helps on that front too. Typically, OEMs place the antenna outside of the module. Here, LG designed the antenna to cover the module itself. So the area covered and communication performance are maximized.

This new module will bolster LG’s position in the IoT market

As hinted above, this module isn’t designed for smartphones themselves though. Instead, LG Innotek says that it plans to piggyback on this innovation. Specifically, in a bid to accelerate its “foray into the global IoT communication module market.”

In fact, LG Innotek claims that its plan is to “quickly dominate” that market. And it’s promoting the new chip to that end in Europe, the US, Japan, China, and Taiwan to that end.

The chip utilizes low-power technology to enable more room for developers and manufacturers to work with across the board. That’s from smart lighting, home audio, and healthcare, all the way through to automobiles and combination Wi-Fi Bluetooth modules in home appliances.

This isn’t the first time LG Innotek has been at the forefront of bleeding-edge technology

This LG division is no stranger to pushing the boundaries on bleeding-edge technology. From cutting-edge camera technology to IoT, the company has historically taken an aggressive approach to technology advancement. So it’s not entirely surprising LG Innotek has managed to create the world’s smallest Bluetooth LE IoT module.