The New LG GX Sound Bar Is Going To Blow You Away

LG GX Soundbar 04

LG has just announced its new GX Sound Bar, which is going to deliver some mind-blowing sound, and pairs perfectly with the new GX Gallery OLED TVs. Which just hit the market very recently.

This new sound bar from LG is designed to deliver some exceptional home entertainment experience. And will also bring a new level of spatial and stylistic integration with the premium LG TVs on the market.

The LG GX is a 3.1-channel sound bar

This is a 3.1-channel sound bar from LG, which might be surprising given the price on this one, and the "premium" tag.


It is Hi-Res Audio certified, which is going to make the audiophiles out there pretty happy. With the built-in LG AI Sound Pro feature, it's going to analyze and automatically apply the best sound settings, based on the content that is playing. This is going to ensure that you get the best sound quality each and every time.

As expected for a premium sound bar, the LG GX does also support both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for some incredible three-dimensional audio. The speaker also supports Dolby Vision and 4K pass-through, which is going to enable the best possible picture and sound quality for a cinematic home viewing.

There is also an included wireless subwoofer that will deliver some low-frequency bass from anywhere in the room. And it's going to sound absolutely stunning.


It also brings in some other connectivity options. Including Bluetooth and eARC. With the higher bandwidth, eARC is able to provide the full richness of high-resolution audio formats. And since Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are both supported here, that's a big deal and it will really make a big difference. There's no word on Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant support, but if you have an LG TV, then you have both available through the TV.

The LG GX was designed to fit in perfectly with the GX OLED TVs. It measures in at six inches high, 57 inches wide and 1.25 inches deep. It has the same look and finish as the 65-inch GX OLED TV.

When is the LG GX going to be available?

Unlike a lot of announcements, we actually have pricing and availability for the LG GX.


The LG GX is going to be available the week of July 20. And it'll be available at all of the usual retailers that sell LG home entertainment products.

As far as pricing goes, the LG GX will start at $1299. And that includes the sound bar as well as the subwoofer.