Lenovo "Yoga X" Is An Android Tablet, Auxiliary Display Hybrid

Lenovo Yoga X Wireframe from evan blass till kottman

Lenovo may be working on a new Android tablet — the “Yoga X” — that doubles as a hybrid auxiliary display. That’s based on a recent leak shared by Evan Blass via his Patreon page, attributed to Android developer Till Kottmann.

The leak in question doesn’t give away too many details, only pointing out that the Lenovo “Yoga X” is an ‘Android Tablet/Aux Display Hybrid’. Mr. Blass shared that along with a wireframe image of the gadget. The image itself is fairly standard for an Android tablet but with a few noteworthy differences.

It has a relatively run-of-the-mill shape with a thicker top bezel — held in landscape mode — to house a front-facing camera. The bottom bezel is similarly sized but is offset by what appears to be a rounded segment along the bottom. Presumably, that’s going to be part of a built-in stand for this device since it’s meant to be used as an auxiliary display too.


Volume rockers and a power button are tucked along the right-hand edge. Again, that’s when held in landscape orientation, with the buttons arranged near the bottom on that edge.

Lenovo is no stranger to hybrid Android tablets

At IFA 2019, Lenovo unveiled the Yoga Smart Tab and this new hybrid Android tablet follows in a similar vein. Namely, that former device serves two purposes, both as a tablet and as a Google Home ecosystem smart home hub. The Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab is similarly shaped too, complete with a rounded segment and a stand.

The key difference here would be that this tablet presumably features some novel input options so that it can be used as an auxiliary display. In all likeliness, that includes either a micro HDMI or HDMI input. But Lenovo could just as easily utilize USB-C for that purpose too. With the proper cables, that would allow any number of devices to link up, from PlayStations and Nintendo Switch consoles to laptops.


Will this ever release and when?

What isn’t immediately clear is whether or not this is an older design that Lenovo has since abandoned or if it plans to launch the “Lenovo Yoga X” at some point in the future. Lenovo hasn’t revealed any details at all about a device bearing this branding or functionality. Leaks haven’t been prevalent either. So it seems likely that this device is still a long way out if it ever releases at all.