Lenovo Confirms Legion Specs On Newly Live Pre-Order Page

Lenovo Legion

The Lenovo Legion is going to be the latest gaming smartphone on the market and is scheduled for an unveiling in just a week, but you can already pre-order the device if you live in China.

Pre-order pages for the Legion phone are live on both Lenovo’s own webpage as well as jd.com. While this doesn’t do much for consumers in the US or other regions outside of China, there’s still useful information to be had.

This is because Lenovo lists key details about some of the more important specifications of the Legion. Including the processor, the fast-charging capabilities, and the screen’s refresh rate.


Lenovo Legion pre-order page confirms key specs

Even though US consumers can’t really pre-order the device, the page does still offer up details about the phone. The Legion is confirmed to be coming with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+.

There has been plenty of speculation earlier this year about whether or not Qualcomm was actually making this mobile platform. With rumors popping up that not only Lenovo Legion would be powered by it, but that the ROG Phone 3 would as well.

Lenovo has now confirmed that the Snapdragon 865+ will be powering its first gaming smartphone. So that likely means that consumers can expect the same out of ASUS with the ROG Phone 3.


The pre-order page for the device also lists the specs for the charging technology and the screen refresh rate.

The phone will have a 144Hz screen

In addition to confirming the Snapdragon 865+ mobile platform, Lenovo also confirms the screen refresh rate.

The Legion will come with a 144Hz display. Of course, most mobile games won’t even support a refresh rate that fast. But there are sure to be a few outliers who will work to support as quickly as they can.


And if nothing else, it’ll still be useful for when scrolling through social or news feeds. Giving you a super smooth scroll with little to no jank or jittery hangups.

Lenovo is also using a 90w fast charge for the device so it gains power quickly. The page doesn’t list how big the battery capacity is, but the 90w fast charge will help to ensure it gets enough power for hours more of gaming even if the battery was low to begin with.

Lenovo is scheduled to announce the Legion on July 22. Which is only a week away at this point. If there was ever a time to expect information on a US release in addition to pricing, that would be the time.