Latest Update Brings Galaxy S20 Features To Galaxy A51 And Galaxy A71

Samsung Galaxy A51 Prism Crush Blue White

Samsung introduced several new features with the flagship Galaxy S20 series. The company started offering some of the new features to older flagships with the latest One UI 2.1 update. Today, it has officially confirmed that these very same features are also coming to the mid-range Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 smartphones.

First off, the devices will be getting the new Single Take mode, where it captures 14 photos and records a 10-second video. All of this can be done with a single tap. Interestingly, it was missing from the first One UI 2.1 OTA update released for the Galaxy A51 smartphone.

Galaxy A51 & Galaxy A71 finally gets single take feature with the new update

The Pro mode in the default camera app will now offer even more settings to customize. After this new update, the users can manually control the focus and shutter speed. With the newly added My Filters feature, the users can create their own filters based on the existing photos from the gallery.


The slider can be used for adjusting the intensity of the applied filter. Apart from the new camera-centric features like night hyperlapse, there are also many new features added to the gallery.

The latest update also brings the Clean View. All the similar-looking photos will be bundled into one photo with this feature. There will be an option to choose the user’s favorite photo as the group thumbnail.

Also, the zoomed-in photo can be quickly saved with the newly added icon on the top left corner. Moreover, the default keyboard app is getting enhanced features like text translation and undo/redo the recent keyboard action.


The new OTA update will be rolling out in the next few days

According to the company, the devices will get the Music Share and Quick Share features. With the Quick Share, the Galaxy A51 and A71 users can quickly share files with other Samsung devices. It works just like AirDrop on the Apple iPhones and Macbooks.

The Music Share allows you to share your paired Bluetooth connection with anyone else. With this feature, others can play music on a speaker paired with your smartphone.

For the Galaxy A51, these new features will be coming with the new One UI 2.1 update with the firmware version A515FXXU3BTF4. It comes in 336MB of size and was already rolled out in Malaysia in the last week of June. In the coming weeks, all the Galaxy A51 and A71 devices will be notified about the new One UI 2.1 update.