Huawei MateStation Filing Points To Upcoming Smartphone Dock

Huawei Mate 20 AH NS Logo 2019 07

Huawei has now reportedly submitted a new trademark filing with Peru’s INDECOPI for a smartphone dock accessory called the MateStation. The accessory isn’t shown in diagrams or images but is well-defined in the associated documentation. As implied by the branding, MateStation is likely meant to work with the upcoming Huawei Mate-branded smartphones.

As described in the trademark filing, MateStation is a ‘mobile phone accessory’ capable of providing internet access. It’s meant for sending, storing, and receiving a plethora of information from calls to emails. And for transmitting other digital data from health metric measurements to media files.

The full description goes somewhat further, hinting at a device that can be used similarly to Samsung’s DeX. And, since Huawei has already rolled those kinds of features in the form of EMUI Desktop mode, that seems likely to be associated with the new accessory.


What’s less clear, is whether or not the accessory will transmit that data in a wired or wireless fashion. It wouldn’t be out of character for Huawei to move to a more advanced technology here. And the trademark description in the Huawei MateStation filing, though those are somewhat vague by design, does explicitly say that ‘internet access’ is used for transmission with the dock.

Which smartphones are likely candidates to work with this Huawei MateStation dock?

There are several key Mate-branded devices Huawei is expected to launch this year. Although none of those will make their way to the US, these are world-class flagships following a long line of devices. Some of which have helped the company rise to the top of the smartphone game in recent months. That’s also among the reasons the Huawei MateStation is thought to be a Samsung DeX-like smartphone dock. Samsung represents Huawei’s biggest competition.

Setting that aside, some probably upcoming smartphones include the Huawei Mate 40 series. That’s expected to land in October, bringing all of the latest specs and a wealth of user-friendly features. Around the same time, the company is expected to deliver on a new set of entries in the folding smartphone market.


There are two lineups to consider since it’s expected to launch both Mate V and Mate X variants. Those will fold, if rumors are accurate, on opposing axis.

When will this launch?

Any of those devices could feasibly be supported by Huawei’s MateStation, based on the branding. But since there’s no imagery and no specs or other information, it’s impossible to say with certainty when the gadget will launch. Or even if it will for this generation of devices, although a trademark typically isn’t filed until just ahead of launch in most cases.