Here's Your First Official Look At The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 with S Pen

Samsung is preparing to announce a slew of new products in the coming weeks, one of those being the Galaxy Tab S7, but you won’t have to wait till then to see it because the first official look at the device has just leaked.

Evan Blass, well-known within the mobile industry for leaking official images of upcoming devices, just posted a picture of Samsung’s upcoming tablet. Which you can see above.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has leaked prior to today but never before in a press image. The picture also depicts a couple of the accessories that consumers will have at their fingertips.


The Galaxy Tab S7 will likely have the S Pen included

Samsung’s more recent tablets in the Tab S line have almost always had some official accessories to enhance the experience. This time is no different.

In the image you can see the latest version of the S Pen. It looks mostly the same as the one that came with the Galaxy Tab S6. If not a tiny bit longer. It does also have a slightly different tip.

Consumers can expect the S Pen to come with the tablet. When Samsung holds the official announcement for the Galaxy Tab S7 next month, it will no doubt also confirm that the S Pen is an included accessory.


While you could buy additional S Pens from Samsung for $60 (and you still can) for use with the Galaxy Tab S6, one was included with the tablet when you bought it. The same is likely to happen this time around. The Keyboard Dock however is another story entirely.

Expect the Keyboard Dock to be sold separately

The S Pen may end up being an included accessory but the Keyboard Dock will almost certainly not come with the tablet at no extra charge.

Consumers should expect the Keyboard Dock to be sold separately. Just like Samsung did with the Galaxy Tab S6. Samsung also seems to have slightly changed the design of the Keyboard Dock. Though not so much that it looks unfamiliar.


It still connects with magnetic pins and has all the same keys as well as the included touch pad. As for cost, pricing for both the tablet with the S Pen, and the Keyboard Dock could potentially be around the same amount as the Galaxy tab S6.

Samsung is holding its annual Galaxy Unpacked event on August 5 this year. Though this time around it’ll be an online-only event. At that time, Samsung will probably reveal the prices for everything it unveils.