UPDATE – New Color: Here's All The Colors For The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is due to be unveiled next week, coming in at least two known colors. Black and Bronze.

A new leak from Evan Blass on Twitter shows that the Galaxy Note 20 series devices will come in at least two more colors when the phone launches. Gray and Green.

The Black and Gray models definitely carry a more neutral tone. While the Bronze and Green options breathe a little vibrant life into what would be an otherwise bland selection of options. Sure, the Black or Gray is playing it safe. And they do look nice.


The green though is surely going to capture people's attention and turn some heads.

Samsung may not offer all Galaxy Note 20 variants in all colors

One thing consumers should always keep in mind before getting attached to a certain color, is that it may not be available for your chosen model.

In the case of the Galaxy Note 20 series devices, Samsung may only offer certain options with a specific variant. For example, the Black color doesn't seem to be available in the Galaxy Note 20 variant. Only the larger Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.


This of course is just based on the images shared by Blass. Where only the Ultra is shown in Black. That being said, that also doesn't confirm Samsung won't offer each color for both variants of the phone.

It is something to consider though. On the same token, only the Galaxy Note 20 is shown in Green. Which means you may not be able to get the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in Green.

Catch Unpacked to find out all the details

Samsung isn't one to share much before its official events. Even if it does share the odd tease or two.


This time around it's the same story. Though much has been sort of confirmed through leaks that are as close to official as it can get. With Unpacked happening on August 5, Samsung is bound to show off every color variant for every model of the Galaxy Note 20 there is.

As well as talk about whether some colors will be region-locked or available from every carrier. With past devices, Samsung has made some colors available exclusively through specific carriers or available in specific countries only.

And there's no reason why the company can't do the same thing with the Galaxy Note 20 series devices. In addition to the Galaxy Note 20 Samsung is going to announce a few more devices. So it won't be just phones getting a reveal.


Update: July 24

Thanks to a new leak, it also looks like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be available in a Mystic White color.