HBO Max Stats Show Drama/Comedy Dominates The Content Lineup


HBO Max launched back on May 27 of 2020 and it contains a large amount of content. You'll find shows and movies to watch from just about every single genre you can think of.

Some recent stats from Reelgood though show that drama and comedy are the two biggest genres of content on the HBO Max service. Dominating the lineup above all others.

Based on Reelgood's findings, HBO Max serves up more TV shows and movies in both of those genres by a significant amount. Though drama takes the cake in both TV show and movie categories between it and comedy. Making it the number one genre on the platform.


That shouldn't be hard to believe. Considering HBO's drama hits include series like Game Of Thrones, Westworld, The Wire, True Detective, and The Sopranos. HBO Max also offers a large selection of anime, which includes top drama titles like Hunter X Hunter.

HBO Max content is seemingly dominated by movies

You'll find loads of stuff on HBO Max. Movies both new and old, and TV shows from various networks to HBO's own originals.

One of the more popular genres of TV shows for instance is animation. HBO Max offers a ton of content from Crunchyroll thanks to its official partnership. Which means you get access to a bunch of the anime that Crunchyroll offers on its own platform.


It's also the only place where you can officially stream many different Studio Ghibli films in the US. Overall though, HBO Max is seemingly dominated by movies more than anything else. There are 437 shows on HBO Max. But there are 1,854 movies on the service.

That seems like a very large gap. But something worth considering is that 437 shows accounts for the different series that are available. When you consider the amount of episodes that each series has, TV shows start to look like the more dominant form of entertainment.

Even if each series only had five episodes, that still equals out to be more pieces of content to watch than every single movie on HBO Max. Case in point, you have a lot to consume.


Many users have switched from HBO Now to HBO Max

Reelgood states that a large number of its users have switched from HBO Now to HBO Max. And why shouldn't they? HBO Max is really the better option.

It costs the exact same amount for a monthly subscription and you get more content. Not just the HBO originals and a collection of movies, but all of that plus a ton more.

Anyone still sticking with HBO Now is either only doing it for a promotional price they may have received or because they just don't want to go through the hassle of change. Whatever the case, HBO Max seems like the place to be.


The platform's top 3 shows may surprise you (or not)

Before reading any further you may already suspect that Game of Thrones is one of the top watched shows. If that's what you thought, you'd be right.

Based on Reelgood's data from its users, most of its users were watching Game of Thrones. The other two top shows on the platform are Rick and Morty and Friends. One of which is exclusive to the platform – Friends.

Though the series used to call Netflix home, HBO Max now has the exclusive rights to stream the series. And with it's huge popularity, it would stand to reason that it would be among the top-streamed content.