'Hamilton' Deemed A Major Success For Disney+

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'Hamilton' the musical, dropped on Disney+ on Friday, just in time for the long holiday weekend. It was one of the more anticipated titles to drop since the lockdown started, and for Disney+, Hamilton brought in a big jump in downloads.

While Disney has not stated how many new subscribers they gained over the weekend, we do know from app analytics company Apptopia that the app did see a 72% jump in downloads.

In the US, app downloads were up to 266,084. While globally the numbers were 513,323. It's also worth noting that these numbers are only for the mobile apps – i.e. Android and iOS. Disney+ is also available on a number of other platforms like Apple TV, Android TV, Roku and more. Which likely saw a big jump in downloads as well.


Why was 'Hamilton' so popular for Disney+?

Seeing 'Hamilton'  as a success for Disney+ should surprise absolutely no one.

While it was on Broadway, 'Hamilton'  was insanely popular. Some people had to wait months just to get tickets. However, since the quarantine started for Coronavirus in the US and around the world, showings of 'Hamilton'  were cut. Since, well everyone was told to stay home.

So Disney decided to get with Lin-Manuel Miranda – who created the musical – and bring it to the streaming service. Many were upset that it was going to be available on streaming instead of on Broadway. But the early reviews of 'Hamilton'  were pretty great. Disney+ did a great job of adapting it for the TV screen, without taking away the uniqueness of this musical.

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This is great news for Disney

Disney had a number of movies that were set to hit the theater this summer, like Mulan, and Thor: Love and Thunder and a few others. Which meant that Disney really didn't have a lot of content that it could put onto Disney+ and keep its subscribers.

While Disney+ did add a few movies shortly after theaters closed, like Onward, majority of them were delayed until later this year or next year. Because Disney is still going to make a lot more money releasing them in the theater versus just straight to streaming services.

So getting 'Hamilton' for its streaming service was a big deal. And an even bigger deal, that it was as popular as it was. Of course, releasing it over the 4th of July holiday weekend also helped it be more successful. Since it is a play about one of America's founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton.


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