Google To Keep Employees Working From Home Until 2021

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Google is set to tell its employees to continue working from home into 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. CEO Sundar Pichai, reportedly made the decision last week according to The Verge.

This comes as Google is set to testify in an antitrust hearing in Washington despite delays to its beginning. The company is also under pressure from Australian regulators for the way it dealt with data privacy issues. Therefore, issues around its workforce only add to complexities.

Google employees to work from home until next year

This move would see Google’s 200,000 strong workforce not return to the office for at least another twelve months. Pichai has reportedly made the decision that his employees will not come back into the office until next July.


Other tech firms have announced long-term plans for their employees. Most of which will not see them return to offices for some time.

Google, however, has taken the decision to keep its staff working from home until the middle of next year. This is the longest timeline of any tech company. Reportedly, Pichai called a meeting of the company’s top executives to make the decision.

Google scrap plans for a 2020 office return

There had been some reports that the company was planning on a limited office return this month. However, it seems those plans are no longer in place. These plans made returning to the office optional but employees criticised them lacking clarity.


As a result, Pichai took this decision to give employees and their families much more security. As many of them struggling with inconsistent direction from school districts the decision gives them much more understanding of the situation.

Thus far Google is yet to comment on these reports so we cannot be 100% of their accuracy. However, given Facebook, Twitter and Square have all announced plans to continue to work from home indefinitely this report does not seem unlikely.

Working from home is likely one of the most obvious effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, with big tech firms have invested a lot of money in majestic office spaces they may be keen to see their workers return sooner rather than later.


Thus far it is unclear as to the levels of productivity of employees working at home. However, as we creep back towards normality that may have an impact on decisions to return to the office.

This is a long-term approach from Google that gives its employees understanding and security. However, with the world changing so much it will be interesting to see how that decision holds up over the next twelve months.