Google Smart Displays Now Support Visual Games Through Assistant

Smart Display Visual Games

Google Assistant-powered smart displays are getting a new trick today with the ability to play games that support visuals. The key here is the visuals.

Ever since Google launched its very first Google Assistant products years ago, like Google Home, games have been possible. But these were only audio games. Meaning you could ask Google to play a game and it would oblige with a game that didn’t have a visual interface.

There were a number of voice-based games that allowed the user(s) to respond to Google. Such as trivia games. These are still there today and the list of games that you can play with speech have only grown.


With the arrival of visual games though, smart displays like the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max can be a little more fun.

Play games like Guess The Drawing on smart displays with Assistant

There are going to be plenty of games in this category that are supported by the Nest Hub and similar devices in the future.

To start, users can play games like Guess The Drawing. Google says it worked with the game’s developers to get it up and running through Google Assistant. You just have to ask Google to “play Guess The Drawing” and it’ll bring up the user interface.


You can then begin by choosing your desired difficulty. Your goal from that point on is to guess as many drawings as you can before the timer runs out.

Of course the best part is that all the interactions are still done by voice. So while you do get some visual interaction by way of the graphics, you still respond with your answers by speaking.

You can even ask Google to give you hints or skip to the next drawing if you just can’t get it.


There are already a handful of other visual games available

Guess The Drawing is the example used in the GIF above, but there are more to enjoy. Trivia Crack, Jeopardy, Categories Battle, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and more are included too.

If you’re unsure what you want to play, simply ask Google to play a game and it’ll bring up the list. You can then scroll through them and select what you want.

Google is continuing to work with “top game developers” to bring more games to smart displays down the line. It doesn’t mention any games or developers specifically. Whatever it has in mind though will be releasing throughout the rest of the year.