The Pixel 4 XL Is Suffering From Yet Another Battery Issue


It's been well documented, how bad the battery life is on the Pixel 4 XL. But now, there's another battery related issue for the Pixel 4 XL.

This time, Pixel 4 XL owners are noticing that their battery is swelling. And well, that's not good.

To be fair, this is not happening to all Pixel 4 XL owners, but a small group of them. And that's still not good. Especially considering all of the other issues Google has had with its phones in recent years.


Some owners are noticing the backplate starting to peel off

Because the battery is swelling, it is making the glass backplate start to peel off of the phone. Obviously, that is a big deal. Considering the backplate is glass and is likely to shatter. Making it dangerous to hold or even put in your pocket. Though it also leads the internals to being unprotected and exposed.

A general manager from uBreakiFix, that posted on Reddit, "This is caused by battery failure due to faulty connectors. That leads to battery swelling. It is a MAJOR issue with the 4xl series and I don't understand why Google is not supporting it properly."

That's pretty damning coming from a partner of Google's that will fix your Pixel. But rightfully so. Google should be doing something to fix this.


As we all know, batteries are flammable and can explode. And a swollen battery is more prone to doing so than a non-swollen battery. So it poses a huge safety issue for Google's flagship phone.

Additionally, the battery connectors on the Pixel 4 XL are very brittle and break super easy. This has been one of the biggest issues with the Pixel 4 XL since it launched late last year.

Google has been quiet on the issue

Google has, unsurprisingly, been very quiet on this issue. And that needs to change. Hopefully having some of the most trusted Android publications out there covering the issue will force Google's hand and say something. And in-turn do something about the issue.


When you pay over $900 for a phone, you don't expect the battery to start swelling less than a year after buying it. And for some, it might even be less than six months. The Pixel 4 XL has only been on the market for a little over 9 months at this point. And that's way to soon to need to have your phone replaced, especially at that price point.