Google One Backup, Management Features Are Now Free For Everybody


Some of the best features previously found in a premium Google One subscription are now going to be free. In fact, the search giant is including both storage management and phone backup features at no charge. So users will now be able to keep their storage across all Google cloud services clean from clutter. They'll also be able to back up their smartphone for easy restoration later on.

That's according to a recent announcement made by Google via its official blog.

The features will be available across both Android and iOS devices, with the latter requiring a new app. But it will be available everywhere that Google One is available too. That's as opposed to being limited to select regions for a short while, as is often the case with brand new Google features.


What exactly is included in the new Google one free features?

Now, the features here are mostly about convenience. But they also consolidate some of the sometimes tedious aspects of cloud file management for users. Specifically where users aren't paying for service and are therefore limited to just 15GB of Google cloud space.

Google One isn't expensive, at just short of $2 per month for 200GB or $9.99 per month for 2TB of storage. But with the changes in place, users will be able to manage files across Google Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail from a central hub. That's the Google One application, which shows stored items across each individual Google offering. And they'll be able to do so without paying for anything for a subscription to Google's storage service.

Secondary to that, users will also be able to automatically back up Android phones via the Google One app. Previously, that was also embedded as part of the Google One subscription. The service saves texts, photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events to the cloud — utilizing some of the freely-provided 15GB of storage.


Now, that will be free too. And then users can restore that data from the app as well, just in case they've lost, broken, or upgraded their phone.

iOS users will have at least some of the new features too

iPhone users aren't left out entirely, although Google doesn't include "texts" in its list of backed-up items. But there will be a new download required to gain access to some of the best cloud storage features around. Google indicates it's introducing a new Google One app to provide access to the features on iOS.