Google Keep or Tasks Allows To Set Reminders Directly From Notifications

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It is no hidden fact that Android is a very mature OS. Now by the mature, we mean that there is very little room for bringing in visual changes. Notably, which is the fact that over the past few iterations of Android, Google has introduced more functionality changes than aesthetic changes. The main aim of every new Android OS has shifted to providing more quick functionality features for the users. This saves a lot of time and effort on the user’s part and also provides a seamless user experience. However, the latest report from Android Police suggests that users can now set reminders directly from notifications using Google Keep or Google Tasks.

As per the report, whenever a new notification pops up on your Android phone, you will be presented with a ‘Set reminder’ button withing the notification. Apparently, this feature is available on select messaging applications. Moreover, once you press the notification, it will take you over to Google Keep where you can set a reminder. All the information will be pre-populated from the notification. Besides, because of the linkage between Google Keep, the Google Assistant, and Calendar, users will be able to set the reminders in all the three apps, together.

Third-party apps do not support this feature, as of now.

As already mentioned, third-party apps do not support this feature. However, users can set reminders on Google Tasks app as well. When you tap on the Set reminder option, the title will be pre-filled and the user just has to fill in the time or place and simply save it. However, you should note that this works differently when you use Google Keep. Google Keep saves reminders automatically without asking you to add time or place, which you have to manually edit. Matter of fact, many Android users were able to use this feature even with WhatsApp and Telegram.


For those who are wondering how you can disable this feature, you have to perform either of the below-mentioned actions:

Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications > Advanced > Suggested actions and replies

Settings > Apps & notifications > Special app access > Adaptive Notifications (select “none”)

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Android Police reports that the feature is live on the Pixel 4 device running on Android 10, with the latest July 2020 security patch. But this feature is not available on Android 10-running OnePlus 7 Pro with May security patch. So, this hints that this feature is available to Google Pixel phones, as of now.