Google Just Leaked The Pixel 4a On Its Store


In typical Google fashioned, the company just leaked the Pixel 4a on its store. Showing the Pixel 4a in full detail, and in a very high-resolution render. Leaving virtually nothing to the imagination.

The image that Google posted on the Google Store was of the black model, which features a mint green power button. It also shows off that front-facing camera, in the hole-punch display, and the single-camera module on the back.

This render lines up with previous leaks and rumors

The render that Google posted, does line up rather perfectly with previous leaks and rumors on the Pixel 4a. And that shows that we were right all along. Though, that's not a big surprise, since the Pixel 4a was supposed to be announced two months ago. In fact, this render still shows the May 12 date, which would have been Google I/O. So just as we thought, the Pixel 4a was originally going to launch at Google I/O in May. Like its predecessor.


Google didn't leak out any other information like features or specs of the device, so we can't confirm any of the internals. But those are also likely true. Considering how much Google phones tend to leak out.

Pixel 4a is expected to cost around $300-$400

The price didn't leak either, but we are expecting the phone to cost between $300 and $400. In fact, we've seen billboard mockups that show the Pixel 4a at $399, while some other leaks have shown it at $349. Which would undercut the iPhone SE (2020), something Google should really think about doing.

This is going to be Google's mid-range smartphone that's for everyone. Instead of needing to pay nearly a grand for a new smartphone, Google is going to offer the Pixel 4a at $349, with everything that everyone needs, for the most part. And it's likely going to be a big seller. After all, the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL launched last year were very big sellers for Google.


There's no Pixel 4a XL this year, but there is a Pixel 4a 5G, which is making the Pixel lineup somewhat confusing. Considering the Pixel 4a 5G is going to boast the same chipset as the Pixel 5, and a faster one than the Pixel 4a.

We should hopefully understand more about what's going on here in the next few weeks, as Google is expected to finally announce the Pixel 4a on August 3, according to a most recent leak.