Google Just Confirmed Its New Work Integrations For G Suite Users

G Suite New Home For Work

Earlier this morning an image leaked which showcased a new design for Gmail that would include work integrations for G Suite users.

Google has just now confirmed that work integrations for G Suite users would be popping up in Gmail in the near future. It's part of Google's initiative to make G Suite the new home for work.

Combining the collaboration capabilities of Meet, Chat, and Rooms into Gmail's everyday usability. Of note is that this redesign is for the mobile version of Gmail for Android and iOS. Not the web version. As it already has these integrations as of June 2020.


Google doesn't state when exactly the changes will take place. But the announcement at the very least suggests that it could be close.

G Suite work integrations in Gmail will include Chat, Meet, and Rooms

As per the leaked image this morning, the work-related apps that Google offers which will be integrated into Gmail's Android and iOS apps will include Chat, Meet, and Rooms.

Users will be able to open up the app and see a new bottom-facing tab interface. With tabs for mail in addition to the other services. Letting users access everything in one place so things can feel more streamlined.


Files and tasks are also being integrated. And with all of these tools at the ready, users can be stay more focused and on task throughout the work day.

It's all about the flow

Google says that it's heard again and again that users didn't care for having to switch between different apps to use things like Meet or Chat because it "interrupted the flow" of things.

It's all about the flow. Which is a big reason why Google is making these changes. So that it can integrate work tools into one easy to access location.


The seamless usability will let users enter a video call from a chat. As well as forward chat messages to their inbox and create tasks from chat messages. Google is also enhancing the security for meet and chat.

New "knocking controls" for Meet will prevent people from knocking and re-joining a meeting. That is unless they're re-invited by the meeting host.

It's also going to be possible to set limits on who can actually present in a meeting and who can chat. Ensuring that everyone is staying on task. Other things like opening and co-editing documents right from Gmail are also being added. Making collaboration that much easier.


If your team uses Gmail and these other work tools, things are about to get a lot easier while still being able to get all the important stuff done.