Google Assistant Makes It Easier To Manage Your Finances

Google Assistant AH NS 05

A new range of brokerage services from Google Assistant has made it easier for everyone to stay on top of their finances as reported by Android Police. This has become much easier to use at it is now listed in right in Google Assistant settings.

It has been a busy few weeks for Google Assistant. Firstly Assistant introduced a test feature in order to improve its AI and UI back in the middle of June. Even more recently Google Assistant added six new device categories and a new trait to its system.

Google Assistant adds new brokerage integrations

At the start of June Assistant added Fidelity to its functionality. This joins E*TRADE and TD Ameritrade which were both available through Assistant. This makes three brokerage systems listed in the Assistant setting section.


To integrate them you will have to add your account information to each individual one, however. Once you have done this you will be able to retrieve information from them. However, each different integration has different commands set up.

Using each brokerage integration

For E*Trade there are a number of different commands you can give to access information. These are as follows.

  • Check my E*TRADE portfolio
  • Check my stock plan account
  • How’s my E*TRADE portfolio doing?
  • Check my Netflix stock at E*TRADE

For Fidelity the commands are,

  • Ask Fidelity for my tax forms
  • Ask Fidelity when I will get my dividends
  • How’s my portfolio doing?
  • Ask Fidelity for today’s top stocks
  • Ask Fidelity to play podcasts (Fidelity produces multiple podcasts series)

For TD Ameritrade you always begin with “Ask TD Ameritrade” then follow with,

  • to check the financial markets
  • how the technology sector is
  • for my account balance
  • for a portfolio update
  • to learn about investing

You will also be able to get a summary either announced through a speaker or displayed through the Assistant App.

There does appear to be some limitations to the functionality of the brokerage menu, however. As far as we know you cannot access individual stocks directly through Assistant which is a shame. You can tap on the Stocks selection which takes you through to a subsection of the Your Interests menu.


Google Assistant also adds Amex and Charles Schwab

Assistant has also added Amex and Charles Schwab to its offering. This allows US users to check their balance and pay bills as well as to conduct transactions. You can link your account by going to Assistant’s settings > Services > Finances. Currently, the following commands are supported.

  • What’s my Amex account balance
  • Check my Amex transactions
  • Check my Amex bill
  • Pay my Amex bill

For Charles Schwab the commands are,

  • Check my Charles Schwab portfolio
  • How are my Schwab retirement accounts
  • Check my Schwab IRAs

Overall this looks to be a strong move from Google Assistant. It is a shame that the commands are still a little primitive but hopefully this will improve over time.