Google Assistant Adds 6 New Entertainment Device Types

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Google has announced that six new device types will now be compatible with Google Assistant as reported by Android Police. This new categorization allows manufactures to best tailor commands that work best for their products.

The new device types come under the larger category of Smart Home Entertainment Devices. This was first introduced in April. The new device types coming to Google Assistant are, Speaker, Audio-video receiver, Streaming box, Streaming stick, Soundbar and Streaming soundbar.

New device types coming to Google Assistant

To add some context to the developer side of the addition of device types it is important to not Google categorizes certain products. The company does this by grouping together certain types of devices as well as ones with similar traits.


This, in turn, allows them to bundle user commands related to device-specific concepts. For example, temperature setting for thermostats and playback for TVs and soundbars. It is all about rationalizing the different device under the Google Assistant banner so they work best with its functionality.

This announcement is, therefore, a new batch of device types to fit into this categorization system. A couple of the devices out of the six were actually moved from a previous device type. Streaming boxes and soundbars were previously under the television category.

Google Assistant also announces new “trait”

As mentioned, Google Assistant users “traits” to categorize its user commands. This allows them to bundle together similar devices and commands under one heading.


Google has now announced the new “channel” trait. This allows Google Assistant to instantly recognize commands related to changing the channel. This will work on devices that receive streaming or broadcast TV channels.

This becomes another trait to at to the first SHED-related traits that were also announced in April. These were AppSelector, InputSelector, MediaState, TransportControl, and Volume.

It has often been difficult for users to make the most out of Google Assistant’s features. Often the overwhelming nature of functionality leads it to not being used. We have found that some of the best commands you can use Assistant for.


These include simple commands such as “Open an App” or “Set a Reminder”. However, they also stretch to more complex commands. These include things such as booking tickets or getting the live score.

Unlocking the potential of Action Blocks has also been something worth educating yourself on. Creating more complex commands that span across devices and include more than one action are a great use of this functionality. It also replaces the need for speech in a number of instances as well which can be helpful.

Overall, Google Assistant continues to look to improve its functionality through these new device types and traits. However, as the system gets more complex, for some it becomes more overwhelming. Hopefully, as time goes by users can get more used to the system.