Google Adds Personal/Work Tabs To Share Sheet In Android 11

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It is no hidden fact that Google is adding the finishing touches to its Android 11 OS, which is due in September this year. Apart from all the other features, Google has shed some light on bringing a new feature in Android 11. This Personal/Work tab feature extends Android 9's concept of categorizing personal and work apps in the launcher.

In the Cloud Next event, some new important security features of Gmail and Google Meet were introduced. And along with it, the Mountain View giant showcased that they are working in adding Work tab in another part of the Android 11 OS.

"The separate work and personal tabs introduced to the default launcher in Android 9 have been extended to more device features," the official post reads. When you want to share any link or document, users can switch between personal or work tab to make things more clear. Under the Settings menu, this feature is available for Location, Storage, Accounts, and App info. This feature is also available in the "Open With" menu while selecting any document.


Moreover, Google is bringing another usability feature with Android 11.  Users will be able to switch over to their work profile without the need of entering a passcode. However, this is true only their work passcode is the same as their device passcode.

Personal/Work tab is introduced to split business and personal life

The main aim of including this feature is to differentiate a user's work and personal life. Notably, the work tab will pop-up side by side with the personal tab while sharing any document. This will give the users a clarity to whom they want to share the document with. This feature is like an added bonus for the Android users who are working from home in the current pandemic situation.

However, note that Google Calendar is the only app that will combine both work and personal profile. What does this mean? Well, basically you will be able to glance at all your notifications from both personal and work profiles. Moreover, Google is also looking for third-party app developers to merge these Android 11 features. Google will add this dual-profile feature with Pixel Launcher’s At A Glance widget and the Calendar app.

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Some more features will come to Android 11 to improve user experience. The home screen will grey out the apps that are currently paused.  The design elements will be similar to what we have seen with Digital Wellbeing.

android 11 personal and work tab