Global Variant Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Rumor Suggests Missing Features

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Global box leak from GizmoChina

A recently leaked image and rumor suggest that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be missing some features when it launches globally. Recent reports indicate that it may be missing NFC reader capabilities. But it may also be missing its SpO2 sensor for reading blood oxygen saturation and Amazon Alexa too. The latter of those features was expected, although it wasn’t included in China.

If that’s the case, the global variant would almost certainly be some variation on the lighter of two variations launched in June. That would be the gadget developed under the codename “Kongming L,” rather than “Kongming,” which ships with NFC onboard.

This may not be all bad news

Now, there is a third variant of the Mi Band 5 that’s expected to launch that’s been codenamed “Kongming Pro.”


That means that this may not be all bad news. Rumor suggests the pro variant of the Mi Band 5 will launch with NFC capabilities. And it is expected to be sold as the Mi Smart Band 5 Pro So it isn’t out of the question that it will deliver on those other features too. And it may pack in more features beyond those, as would typically be denoted by the “Pro” branding.

Both gadgets are expected to land this month if reports are accurate.

What is known about the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Big-ticket upgrades with the latest Mi Band, as launched in China are mostly to do with improved sleep tracking. It will now track REM sleep better, in addition to the included proprietary PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) tracking system. That’s been improved as well. This wearable now includes 11 new fitness tracking modes as well as menstrual cycle tracking.


But it also packs in a better charging dock and comes with dual-tone straps to give it a more premium look. The dual-tone straps come in Blue, Brown, Olive Green, Pink, Red, and Yellow. And those will help accent the device’s standard matte black color and its wealth of new watch faces. In China, at least, that includes 100 new animated watch faces as well as some featuring characters from popular animated series.

Coupled with a 125mAh battery that should last up to 14 days of use or more, Bluetooth 5.0, and a heart rate sensor, this watch sells in China for around $27 without NFC. With NFC, it’s just $32. So it’s going to be a high-value offering even if the new leaks and rumors are true.