Gboard To Roll Out Smart Compose On Google Messages


Some users have found that "Smart Compose" has begun to roll out on Google Messages as reported by 9to5Google. This comes after a new beta version of Gboard began to roll out at the end of June. There is no word as of yet about how this will continue to roll out or what the plan is from Google.

This all comes after a couple of recent updates to Google Messages. In recent weeks Google has begun to support chat bubbles on the app. It has also introduced a new top search bar feature into the functionality to help with finding messages.

What is Smart Compose?

Smart Compose is a feature that aims to help you complete your sentences. It does this by displaying the next few words as they would appear. As the user, you then have the option to accept this suggestion if you wish to. You do this by pressing tab on desktop or swiping right on Android.


This feature first appeared on Gmail back in 2018 before making its way to Google Docs. This appears to be the next move in extending its functionality.

This would not be the first time Google Messages has offered suggestions for replies. SMS/MMS/RCS does offer single-tap as well as sticker suggestions.

Google Messages begin Smart Compose rollout

As of July 1 users found that Messages now offers Smart Compose suggestions. If you have signed up for beta updates you may have this available as well. This is if you are currently on version


It works very similarly to the same feature on Google Docs and Gmail. This means you simply swipe right on the text to accept the suggestion.

For first time users you are offered a short explanation of how the feature works. It also tells you how to accept a suggestion if you are unaware.

There is some uncertainty, however, about the state of this new feature. It is as yet unclear as to whether this is tied to a specific version of Google Messages or just Gboard.


Some tipsters and 9to5 have confirmed that it is on devices enrolled for beta versions of both Gboard and Messages.

A specific version of Gboard is defiantly required though, however, the rest is unclear. There is also no word on the timescale and plans for a wider roll-out of this feature.

Many will hope it comes relatively soon and in a logical fashion. However, we will have to watch this space to see.