Galaxy Z Flip Has Been The Best Selling Foldable Smartphone In 2020

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip AM AH 6

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has been the best selling foldable smartphone of 2020, according to an analyst. This information comes from Ross Young, a well-known display analyst.

The Galaxy Z Flip was the best selling foldable handset of 2020 (thus far), it seems

Truth be said, the Galaxy Z Flip did not have a lot of competition. The Galaxy Fold is its predecessor, and launched quite a bit earlier than the Z Flip. On top of that, the Z Flip is considerably more affordable than the Fold. The Motorola Razr encountered quite a few issues.

On top of that, Motorola is not as popular in the smartphone world as it used to be, Samsung has the edge there. Huawei’s main obstacle is the US ban, when it comes to foldable phones as well.


The Huawei Mate X, and Xs had limited releases outside of China, and the company’s foldables did not have a chance to shine properly. In any case, Mr. Young claims that this tradition will probably continue.

He says that the Galaxy Z Flip 2 and Fold 2 will compete for the best selling foldable devices in 2021. He also added that UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) from SCHOTT will lead the foldable cover window market vs CPI.

As a reminder, the Galaxy Fold did not sell that well last year. The company managed to sell well below 1 million units last year. The Galaxy Z Flip, on the other hand, sold in 400,000 copies in March alone.

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The device delivered quite a few improvements over the ‘Fold’

The Galaxy Z Flip delivered quite a few improvements over the Fold, and its UTG display is one of them. The two devices are considerably different, though.

The Galaxy Fold is essentially a tablet that folds. The Galaxy Z Flip, on the other hand, is a phone that folds. The same will be the case with their successors, almost certainly.

Speaking of which, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G is coming next month. That will not be a successor to the Z Flip, though, but a new variant of the device. A variant with 5G connectivity, and more powerful SoC.


The Galaxy Z Flip 5G is expected to launch on August 5, during the company’s ‘Unpacked’ event. It will launch alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series of devices.

The Galaxy Z Flip has been more popular than Samsung expected, quite probably, so it remains to be seen if consumers will be as interested in its 5G variant.

It will be interesting to see how much will the device cost. The Galaxy Z Flip was priced at $1,380, so it was not exactly cheap by any means. The 5G model will probably cost more than that.