Galaxy Tab S7 Shows Its Design In Seemingly Official Render

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 render leak 1

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 design has just leaked in a seemingly official render. This image comes from Evan Blass, who is usually spot on when it comes to leaks.

The tipster shared this image via his Patreon page, by the way. He shared a single image, which is showing the design of the Galaxy Tab S7’s front side only.

The Galaxy Tab S7 render shows thin bezels, sleek design

If you take a look at the picture, you’ll notice that the device has really thin bezels… for a tablet. Those bezels are still there, though, so grasping the device should not be an issue.


You’ll notice that the power / lock, volume up, and volume down buttons are all on the same side. They’re on the top in landscape mode (when you hold the tablet in landscape), and on the right side in portrait mode.

Interestingly enough, the device seems to have sensors both at the top, and on the side. We presume those are not all cameras, even though they look like it.

At least one of those sensors is a camera sensor, while the rest are probably a light sensor and a proximity sensor. Do note that they do not look like it, though, and their placing is quite odd.


This phone has both rounded corners, and rounded display corners. The curvature of the device’s corners is much more pronounced than the curvature of its display corners, though.

It remains to be seen whether this device will have a single camera on the back, or two of them. The Galaxy Tab S7+ did leak in CAD-based renders last month, and it showed two rear-facing cameras.

Considering this is the base model, it could include only one, we’ll see. We’re not sure if Samsung plans to include a fingerprint scanner here. If it does, it will be placed under the display, as it’s not on the side or the back.


Not much information surfaced when it comes to the Galaxy Tab S7 specs. Its ‘Plus’ sibling got a lot more attention in that regard. We did see some information, though.

The device will include an 11-inch display

The Galaxy Tab S7 is expected to feature an 11-inch display. Its ‘Plus’ sibling will ship with a 12.4-inch one, if rumors and leaks are to be believed. The Galaxy Tab S7 will be fueled by the same SoC as the ‘Plus’ model, though.

Both devices are said to include the Snapdragon 865 Plus from Qualcomm. Now, Samsung may opt for the regular Snapdragon 865 instead, as the ‘Plus’ model is brand new. It remains to be seen. These two tablets will launch either this month, or during Samsung’s Unpacked event next month.