The Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition Is Going To Be Significantly Cheaper


It appears that the price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is going to be much cheaper than the Galaxy S20 series was.

According to the latest report, it looks like it's going to be listed at $750. The same price that the Galaxy S10e was, a year ago. And coincidentally, media and customers have been asking Samsung to release a new Galaxy S10e with newer internals. It appears that we may be getting that, after all.

The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is rumored for October

The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition may not be one of the five devices that Samsung is planning to announce at Unpacked next month, but it is still expected to go on sale in October.


The device is expected to keep the 120Hz Infinity-O display. Which means it will have a hole punch for the camera. But the part that we are not sure of just yet, is whether it'll be curved or flat like the Galaxy S10e was.

Additionally, it is going to feature a triple camera setup on the backside. that includes a 12-megapixel main sensor, 12-megapixel ultrawide and a 8-megapixel telephoto lens which is going to offer 3X optical zoom. And there is a 32-megapixel front-facing sensor as well.

Internally, there is going to be a Snapdragon 865 chipset running the show here. Which doesn't necessarily confirm 5G support – as Samsung could turn off the radios, but it is very likely going to be a 5G smartphone. And getting a decent 5G smartphone for $750, is nothing to sneeze at.


The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is also going to be one of the many phones that Samsung is planning to release in the coming months. We've heard already that Samsung was planning to release a new phone every month from August through October. And the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is going to be part of that.

Why build a cheaper smartphone?

It's pretty clear that people weren't happy with the prices on the Galaxy S20 series. The dismal sales have proved that. Though the sales numbers can't solely be due to the price. As there is also a pandemic going on right now. But it is a big part of it.

So releasing a new smartphone, under a new name with a cheaper price point and still making it a "flagship" by many definitions, is a good idea. And when you're as big as Samsung is, you can afford to do just that. And that's what the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is going to be.


However, the name is a bit odd. Seeing as the "Fan Edition" is what Samsung used for the re-release of the Galaxy Note 7. Something we're sure they don't want to relive. It should have gone with Galaxy S20e.