Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Screen Protectors Appear In Confusing Leak


Two screen protectors said to be for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 have now leaked via Twitter tipster Ice Universe. Both of the coverings are described as "protective film" and showcase razor-thin bezels. That implies that these are not glass protectors but film. And that likely comes back to trouble Samsung has had in the past with under-display fingerprint readers. But there are also a few discrepancies that are well worth noting.

To begin with, the screen protectors are shown in "two forms."

The protector on the left appears to feature curved edges. The bezel area of the screen protectors in that form only covers the bottom and top bezels. For clarity, that's the area of the screen protector that's been blacked out. OEMs design them that way to allow for easier alignment and placement. The left- and right-hand edges of that screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are see-through.


That's decidedly different when it comes to the second covering that's being presented here. As shown in the image below, the protector on the right has both left- and right-hand bezels clearly marked. What's more, that doesn't appear to be curved. Instead, the bezels along the top-, left-, and right-hand side are basically identical. The bottom bezel is just slightly larger but it's barely perceptible. And the protector appears to be flat.

What does this even mean for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra screen?

As noted already, both of these screen protectors are said to be for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. So the difference in shape and bezels may seem a bit confusing. Especially since only the smaller, standard Galaxy Note 20 has been rumored to come with a flat display panel. Fortunately, there are a couple of likely scenarios to explain what's going on here.

First, it's possible but unlikely that Samsung plans to sell both flat and curved variants of each gadget. That would give users more choice since not everybody is a fan of curved screens. But it would also make matters significantly more difficult for Samsung in terms of production and keeping stocks supplied.


More likely, the screen protectors are both meant for an identically-shaped device but the screen protectors themselves are built to different specifications. Namely, the one that shows more bezel may simply be designed to fold over and cover the bezels at the side of the device. That would make it far less case-friendly but would help protect the device's bezels in a drop.

If that's the case, the screen protector on the right would presumably be taking the opposite approach. Summarily, it would be more minimal but still offer protection for the display itself.

We'll know soon enough

Now, Samsung is currently expected to launch its Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra a bit later this year. It's currently expected to announce the gadgets in early August. But it won't be attending IFA 2020 either if expectations hold.


Regardless, the handsets themselves are expected to begin arriving in users' hands sometime between October and September. Since accessories for Samsung flagships typically launch on day one of the announcement, users should expect better clarity on these ones around that same timeframe.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra screen protectors leak from iceuniverse
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra screen protectors in 'two forms'