Galaxy Note 20 Series Price Leaks & It's Unsurprisingly Expensive

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Leaked price and release date information for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, and Galaxy Fold 2 suggest this will be the most expensive series yet. Originally reported by Greek site Tech Maniac, the information here is said to have come from a “very reliable” source. So it shouldn’t be taken as the final word by any stretch of the imagination. But, if it is accurate, fans of the Note series may want to start saving up some cash now.

To begin with, the unnamed source tips that these smartphones will be announced on August 5. That will, of course, be at a Samsung Unpacked event but it’s not immediately clear whether or not the even will be digital. As of this writing, Samsung isn’t attending IFA 2020 due to health concerns. So it seems likely that it won’t be a physically-attended event.

Setting that aside, the source claims that pre-orders should start almost immediately. And that Samsung plans to start shipping the devices, at least internationally, on August 27.


Pricing, conversely, will start out at €1,249 in Greece. That’s for the standard Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and is around €250 more expensive than the previous entry in the series. That also means that the cost is going to be significantly higher for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. In fact, the source reports that will start at €1,499. That’s €350 more than the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and €100 more than the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

What about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2?

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be announced at the same time but won’t arrive until later. If the leak is accurate, that’ll cost €2,199 in Greece. It also won’t land in users’ hands until at least September or October. The delay comes down to complications with the above-mentioned health problems going on globally still. That’s likely the result of disruptions in the supply chain.

But there is a silver lining for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. While the pricing does set it above the 4G variant of the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, it’s still cheaper than the 5G variant was. This is Samsung’s newest top-tier flagship at the upper reaches of that market. So Samsung may plan to only release a 5G variant here. And, if that’s the case, this device will actually be less expensive in terms of value.


What’s the price for the Galaxy Note 20 going to be like elsewhere?

Now, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Note 20 series won’t cost the same everywhere. That’s largely down to price bias, rather than anything to do directly with the Galaxy Note 20 itself. But it should be slightly less expensive elsewhere in Europe, reports indicate, due to how taxes work in the rest of that region.

The price drop, expected to place the two Note-series devices at from €1,199 to €1,209 or €1,449 to €1,459 respectively, won’t be much. But a price drop is a price drop.

The US base model, expected with 12GB RAM and 128GB storage, will reportedly start at around $1,199. That’s for the least expensive version of the device but still more pricey than the $949 launch price of its predecessor. The “Ultra” variant will, it goes without saying, be more expensive from launch. That’s predicted to land with a price tag at $1,449 — relative to the $1099 launch price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.