Samsung Is Including Chargers With The Galaxy Note 20

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Shortly after Apple was rumored to be dropping the charger in the box starting in 2021, Samsung was also rumored to be doing the same thing. Thankfully, the Galaxy Note 20 will be coming with a wall charger in the box.

Though, it’s not the charger we all wanted, particularly with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

25W charger included in Galaxy Note 20 boxes

According to Roland Quandt, who has been pretty stellar when it comes to leaks in the past, both the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are going to come with a 25W charger in the box. Even though (at least) the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will support 45W.


Now while this is unfortunate, because as much as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is going to cost, you’d think Samsung could toss in the 45W charger, it is expected. After all, all three models of the Galaxy S20 series came with a 25W charger in the box. Though you can still buy the 45W charger from Samsung, as well as other fast charging accessories.

Additionally, as testing has found with the Galaxy S20 series, the different in charging between the 45W and 25W charger is pretty minimal. Even though it is  almost twice as fast. It charges from 0-80% quicker, but that last 20% charges slower (likely to keep it cooler), allowing the 25W charger to catch up. So it’s really not the end of the world.

Samsung is also doing fast charging the safe way, which should come as no surprise given the Galaxy Note 7. Using USB-C for fast charging is considerably safer than using USB-A (which is what OnePlus uses for its 30W charging). So there’s that.


All will be unveiled on August 5

The Galaxy Note 20 series as well as a few other devices, are set to be unveiled by Samsung on August 5, at its Unpacked event. The event is going to be virtual this time around, because, well you know why. This will be the first time Samsung has gone completely virtual for Unpacked, so it’ll be interesting to see how it’s handled.

Samsung has already confirmed that it is going to be announcing five power devices at the show. That includes these two Galaxy Note 20 models, as well as likely the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Watch 3, and Galaxy Buds Live. And there could possibly be some other devices announced at this show.

It’s bound to be a pretty impressive event for Samsung, and its fans.