Galaxy A42 5G Coming Early Next Year With A 5,000 mAh Battery

Samsung Galaxy A41 featured image

The Samsung Galaxy A41 has barely been into the market but its successor has already started taking shape. Reports a couple of weeks ago revealed that Samsung will launch the Galaxy A42 early next year with 5G connectivity. Now, more details about this handset have surfaced on the web.

The folks over at ever-reliable Dutch publication Galaxy Club claim that the Galaxy A42 5G will pack a 5,000 mAh battery. The device in question sports the model number SM-A426B. The battery for this handset was previously certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) with model number EB-BA426ABY.

This battery has a rated capacity of 4860 mAh, Galaxy Club reports. This essentially means the Galaxy A42 5G will get a battery with a typical capacity of 5,000 mAh. To recall, the Galaxy A40 has a 3,100 mAh battery, while the Galaxy A41 packs a 3,500 mAh unit. So that’s another big upgrade Samsung is planning for the Galaxy A42, along with 5G connectivity.


Since 5G networks aren’t the standard in every part of the world yet, you’ll be regularly switching between the two wireless network standards on your phones. This will result in higher power consumption, and that’s a reason why 5G handsets are coming with bigger batteries.

A bigger battery means the Galaxy A42 5G will be relatively thick. The Galaxy A40 and Galaxy A41 were both compact, slim kind of smartphones. These two phones featured 5.9-inch and 6.1-inch Super AMOLED displays. So the Galaxy A42 should get a much bigger display as well.

Galaxy A42 could be the cheapest 5G Samsung smartphone

Samsung this year launched two affordable 5G smartphones in the form of Galaxy A51 5G and Galaxy A71 5G, with the former being the more affordable one. While their successors are almost certain to support the next-gen mobile networks, they may not be the cheapest 5G offerings from Samsung.


The Galaxy A42 5G will undercut the two in terms of pricing to make 5G Galaxy smartphones even cheaper in 2021. It could very well be the cheapest 5G-capable Samsung smartphone when it arrives in the market next year.

Not much else is known about this phone yet. There are reports that Samsung will offer the handset in a 128GB storage variant, likely pairing with at least 6GB of RAM. The Galaxy A42 5G may come in gray, black, and white colors.

Samsung should release a 4G-only variant as well in markets where 5G networks are yet to be deployed. That said, a lot can change by the time the Galaxy A42 becomes market-ready. What’s sure is that prices of 5G smartphones will continue to drop in the coming years.