Here's How You Can Get Peacock Free For 3 Months


Comcast is preparing for the launch of its streaming service, Peacock later this week. But for those of you that might be looking to sign up for Peacock, you could get three months free.

There's a trick to getting three months of Peacock for free, and it's pretty simple too. And we're here to lay it all out for you.

How to get three months of Peacock for free

Google has struck a deal with Comcast, so that if you sign up using an Android device, you'll get the first three months for free.


So all you need to do is sign up on an Android smartphone, tablet or even an Android TV device. And you'll get the first three months for free, after that it'll cost you $5/month. So if you don't want to continue paying for the service after those first three months, make sure that you cancel your subscription. Otherwise, you will be charged for it.

If you don't sign up via an Android device, then you will only get the usual seven-day free trial for Peacock. Which is pretty much the standard for streaming services. Most offer seven days for free, with a few doing a full month. But none do a full three months. Especially as the service is just launching.

What's available on Peacock?

So Peacock is basically Comcast – or rather NBCUniversal – version of HBO MAX. It's going to have everything in the NBCUniversal library. That includes over 20,000 hours of content. And for just $5 per month – or $10 per month if you want the ad-free experience.


NBCUniversal is also preparing a ton of content for Peacock, that will be exclusive. For example, NBC's morning news show, 'Today' is going to be turned into a 24-hour news show on Peacock. Allowing you to catch up on the news at any time.

Peacock is also going to be showing The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier than NBC would normally have it on. So you can watch it starting at 8PM, rather than 11:35PM ET when it airs on NBC affiliates across the country. There's loads of sports coming to Peacock as well, like Premier League having a number of games on the launch day – July 15. Which will be ad-free even on the ad-supported tier.

Now if you are a Comcast customer, you can likely get Peacock for free. But if not, this three month extended trial thanks to Google is definitely a great way to experience Peacock.