Facetune Video Released To Help Improve Video Selfies

Facetune Video Image 0

Facetune, the selfie editing app, has released a Facetune video to touch up your video selfies. As The Verge reports the makers of Facetune, Lightricks, are releasing a new service to complement the existing selfie editing app.

Facetune was first launched back in 2014 to a broadly positive reception. Some thought the whole ‘selfie thing’ had gone a bit too far. However, given the Huawei P40 may include three selfie cameras we have probably reached that point anyway.

This new app will work much in the same way as the original Facetune but just for videos. Naturally, there are some differences but generally, that is the idea.


Facetune video released six years after the original

Facetune video is free to download, unlike the original Facetune app. Although Facetune 2, released in 2016 comes without any cost. Having said this, like with many apps of this nature, some of the tools or only accessible if you pay.

To access all the video editing features you have to pay a subscription. This costs $7.99 per month or $35.99 for a year. You can also pay $69.99 one-time fee if you prefer. For now, the app is only available on iOS but Lightricks plans to release on Android in the near future.

How Facetune video works

Facetune video works much in the same was as Facetune itself. The UI is, on the whole, very easy to operate and is intuitive. To start editing a video, just select one from your camera roll. The app will begin looping the video to allow you to make changes in real-time.


There is a variety of options available to users to make changes. These include changing the brightness, smoothing out your skin, whitening your smile, and even changing the size of your nose and eyes. If you have used Facetune before this should all recognisable to you.

Reports suggest that using the app is as easy as ever and making changes is simple. Facetune Video offers an on-screen slider to adjust how strongly the desired effect shows up in a video. You can also compare your changes to the original video with a toggle feature.

Ultimately, this is not an app that is going to revolutionise the world. However, for those that want to it works well for touching up videos before sharing on social media or with friends. The app offers a large range of options to make it worth using.


For many, this will be seen as a useless accessory but it certainly has its audience. The success of the original Facetune attests to this so expect this new app to be a hit with users.