Facebook's Screen Share Feature In Messenger Expands Beyond Web

Facebook Messenger Screen Share Android

If Facebook’s Messenger apps are your main form of communication, then they just got a little bit better thanks to the inclusion of screen share.

If you’re unfamiliar with Screen Share in Messenger, it’s a feature that Facebook introduced for video calls. But since the arrival it’s only been available on the web version of Messenger that is accessed from a desktop.

Facebook has just announced that the feature is expanding beyond the desktop web version as of today. Allowing even greater ways for people to stay connected with friends and family and share things that matter to them.


Screen Share in Messenger is available on both Android and iOS

Facebook is pushing the Screen Share feature out to mobile. This means Android and iOS users can both utilize it.

It’s also not required that both people using it are on the same platform. So if you use Android and your cousin uses iOS, you can both share your screens. For whatever reason you might want to.

Doing so is a pretty simple process from the apps, too. Once inside of a video call, slide the bottom panel upwards to reveal a new button that says “share your screen.” You should then get a prompt that tells you screen sharing is new and there will be one more button to tap to start the share process.


It’s really as simple as that. Once you tap that second button the person you’re calling will be able to see your screen.

Screen sharing works in Messenger Rooms as well

Messenger Rooms was a feature that Facebook launched earlier this year as well in part to help keep people connected during lockdowns.

Screen Share is now available for Messenger Rooms too. It’ll allow you to share what’s on your screen with up to 16 people. Messenger Rooms in general however supports up to 50 people. So if you have more than 16 people in a Room you created, screen sharing won’t be an option.


Facebook does note though that it will expand screen sharing to allow up to the 50-person maximum in the future. So it is on the way. Alongside that, Facebook will also be integrating controls that let the Room creator designate who can share their screen and who can’t. For obvious reasons.

Messenger Room screen sharing is only available on web and desktop for now. Which means you can’t use it from the mobile apps. At least not yet.