You Can Use Dropbox In The Files App On Chromebooks Now, With A Catch

Dropbox Chromebook DG ah 2020

Dropbox users on Chromebooks are now finally able to access their files directly in the Chrome OS Files app, reports indicate. And that’s not going to require a major Chrome OS update or anything like that either. According to the source, users simply need to ensure they have the latest Dropbox app installed.

That’s because the update adds support for DocumentsProvider API. The API has already been in use by services such as OneDrive and Box. So those apps have already been integratable. But with its addition in place, the Dropbox desktop file folder integrates with Files on Chromebooks almost seamlessly.

As shown in the image below, once integrated, the Dropbox folder shows as a new cloud storage option just below the Google Drive directory in-app. So users on Google’s desktop platform will have just one more choice when it comes to cloud file management. And that’s complete with file-moving and copyinng.


Dropbox integration with Files may not work the way you want it to just yet

Now, none of that means this app-based integration is going to work for everybody. There are a number of caveats even after putting aside that an app download is required.

For starters, file deletion doesn’t seem to work at all, the source notes. So deleting files from Dropbox via the directory in Chrome OS’s Files app doesn’t appear to be a viable way to clear them from the cloud. And copying over an entire directory doesn’t seem to work either. Meaning that users can’t use this to transfer an entire folder over to their Chromebook and vice versa.

That type of functionality could and should be fixed in the future. But it isn’t working as might be expected right away.


Pinning folders and directories from Dropbox, as can be done with Google Drive, doesn’t work either.

And it also may just not work at all

Another big caveat here is getting this to work to begin with. There’s no guarantee this will work with any and every Chromebook. And, at any rate, it doesn’t seem to show up in the Files app directories immediately. It took more than 20-minutes for Dropbox to show up as its own directory on a devicce at Android Headlines. So users will need to be patient after installing the latest app update.

DropBox in Files Chrome OS Chromebook from Android Police
The Files app on Chromebooks now supports Dropbox, if you download the Android app