Display Issues Plaguing Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Owners

AH 2019 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 24

Two years into a very successful life span it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has run into a potentially fatal display issue. As reported by Notebook Check many users have found a big issue with the display.

This has forced many opt for a display replace outside of warranty. Many users have reported the device overheating as well as a yellow/green tint on the screen. This problem seems to have surfaced after a March security update.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 facing display issues

Thus far the Galaxy Note 9 has stood the test of time broadly speaking. It received the 2.1 UI update this year even after many thought it would not. This kept it very much up to date with other models and kept users happy.


The device can now be purchased relatively cheaply as well given how old it is meaning that it continues to be a fan favourite.

These reported of green/yellow tint and overheating are somewhat familiar. As is the issue springing up after a security update. A similar incident occurred on the Galaxy S20 Ultra earlier this year.

The main difference between that situation and this was that most of the owners of Galaxy S20 Ultra still had the warranty to fall back on. Given the Note 9 has been out for around two years now this option is unlikely to work for these owners.


Samsung users may be forced to payout

This could mean that Note 9 users may have to pay for a new display unit to repair their device. Thus far Samsung has offered little to no support for these issues and has no solution.

Given it sprung from an internal update the hope is that the company may come up with a solution for owners. However, given the age of the device, this may not happen as the company may not view it as a priority.

It looks like Note 9 users may have to pay up to $250 to fix their devices. This is very steep for a problem ultimately caused by Samsung themselves. Also considering how much a Note 9 is now worth, it probably is not worth spending that money.


Owners can still hold out hope that Samsung will come up with some solution. However, the longer the wait goes on the less likely that is to happen. Given the age of the device, if Samsung does not offer anything this may well be the end of Note 9 altogether.