Contactless ThermBot Smart Thermometer Gets FDA Backing, Launches

ThermBot Main image from thermbot

GTTFP Holdings has a new smart thermometer dubbed the ThermBot, now ready for mass production following FDA approval. ThermBot is similar to other thermometers in that it, true to its name, measures temperatures for health purposes. But it’s also contactless, requiring no physical contact with the body to work. And it’s reportedly capable of measuring with 100-percent clinical accuracy in under one second.

As noted by GTTFP Holdings, that means it’s easier than ever to take a temperature for a child, for example, who won’t stop moving around. Or for somebody who is sleeping, without waking them up.

Perhaps just as importantly, the device is pocket-ready. It’s no larger than a credit card and it’s slim and compact enough that it can be placed in a wallet. Or on a keychain. That not only makes it easier to store. It makes the thermometer ideal for travel, camping, or just carrying it around in case of emergency.


The easy-to-read screen, meanwhile, can display in both Fahrenheit and Celsius at a moment’s notice.

What’s really special about the ThermBot smart thermometer?

That’s all good and well but what makes ThermBot better than competitors, and ultimately worth the cost, is its smart features. To begin with, the thermometer is powered by a smartphone — connecting via a retractable USB-C connector. That’s so that ThermBot users aren’t relying on unreliable batteries or the discrepancies battery power can bring to the performance.

Of course, ThermBot can also be used with a tablet, battery bank, or other USB-C port. And the connector slides out with a physical slider butter that’s easy to use.

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Better still, ThermBot is phone ready, featuring Bluetooth for integration with wellness tracking apps and compatibility with apps and protocols like IFTTT. So users can set up the thermometer with their phone to respond intelligently to certain circumstances. For instance, users could set an IFTTT so that a reading higher that comes in higher than a pre-set temperature initiates a calendar event. That might, for example, remind users to call or message their doctor.

Bluetooth integration also enables AI-integration. So this thermometer works with Google Assitant or Amazon’s Alexa too.

This was given what could be the fastest approval ever

The company notes that only a 5-minute phone call with an FDA Emergency Hotline Senior Agent was required to reach approval. And that it will be mass-producing 250,000 units for ‘immediate resale’ nationwide. That’s arguably one of the fastest approval times historically since approval can take up to 15-months. And it likely stems from the ongoing global health crisis. But that doesn’t’ mean everybody is going to be able to rush out and buy the new ThermBot smart thermometer.


Although the pricing is expensive for a thermometer, most current products simply don’t support the speed or deliver quite the same battery of features. ThermBot comes in a single color, black, and retails for $149.