You Can Now Buy The OnePlus Buds

OnePlus Buds 4

The OnePlus Buds are now available to buy. They are the company's first pair of truly wireless headphones and will cost you $79.

The OnePlus Buds are available in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe and India. They'll cost you $79 in the US, $109 in Canada and €89 in Europe.

These earbuds are Bluetooth and will work with any device that has Bluetooth, but they will work better with a OnePlus device thanks to some special features that are baked into Oxygen OS.


Only available in white or gray in the US

OnePlus Buds are only available in two of the three colors, in the US. That would be white and gray, which is perfectly fine. As the blue color isn't that great. But the White and Gray colors will match better and look better when you're wearing them.

The battery life on the OnePlus Buds are pretty decent, coming in with seven hours of continuous playback. And with the carrying case, you can get 30 hours of playback. There is also a fast charging feature available, where you can quickly charge the OnePlus Buds and get a few hours of playback. Which is going to be very helpful for those that forgot to charge their buds before heading to the gym.

OnePlus is using 13.4mm dynamic drivers in each of the Buds. That is going to give you some decent audio quality, but don't expect it to beat something like the Pixel Buds or anything from Sony. Of course, these are a lot cheaper than those.


Android Fast Pair is available on the OnePlus Buds, so you are able to quickly pair these with your smartphone. There's no need to jump into the Bluetooth settings either, which is really nice.

Should I buy the OnePlus Buds over the competition?

While we can't emphatically say that you should buy the OnePlus Buds over the competition, since OnePlus didn't send a pair to us to check out, we can say that these are some of the better truly wireless earbuds under $100.

Most of the other earbuds that you might be thinking about – Pixel Buds, AirPods, Galaxy Buds Live, etc – are well over $100. With some being twice as much as the OnePlus Buds. And for $79, these are a really great buy. Especially if you don't care about some other features like noise cancellation or Google Assistant being built-in.


You can pick up the OnePlus Buds from by clicking here.

OnePlus Buds - - $79