Best Weather Apps For Android in 2020

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There are many weather apps available to download for Android devices on the Google Play Store, yet not all of these apps are created equally, or with the same target demographic in mind.  Different people will benefit from different designs and in this article, you will find the best weather apps for Android in 2020, specifically suited to your needs.

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1. ClimaCell Weather Assistant

ClimaCell Weather Assistant will provide you with all of the standard weather information that you need, such as temperature, wind conditions, and your daily forecast for your area, however, the app goes even further than this. You can also break your weather forecast down to conditions within a city block, allowing for incredibly accurate weather reporting.


In addition to this, the ClimaCell app can also provide warnings and updates to its users for road hazards, fire alerts, and flood alerts. This allows users to travel safely with peace of mind. ClimaCell also has a comprehensive business solution package that assists industries that require accurate weather data for operations and employee safety, such as aviation, energy, construction, and sports.You can download ClimaCell Weather Assistant on the Google Play Store now, do it whilst they have a free trial available and try the app out for yourself.

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2. 1Weather

1Weather has been around the block for a while when compared to many other weather apps, however, the fact that it is still a prime choice for Android users means that it is still very much alive and well today.


The key to the design of 1Weather is in its simplicity, the user-interface is sprinkled with easy to digest icons and background images that represent the weather. This means that you can very rapidly get an idea of what the conditions are like outside. In addition, the app has future forecasting so you can effectively plan your day.

As well as the standard features that you would expect to find within a weather app, 1Weather also comes equipped with other useful features such as live radar, so you can track developing weather patterns and severe weather alerts, so you can keep you and your family safe.You can download 1Weather on the Google Play Store now to try it for yourself.

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3. NOAA Weather Unofficial

This is one for the weather nerds and meteorology enthusiasts among you. The NOAA Unofficial app directly receives its information from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, the US government agency that concerns itself with the weather, the oceans, and other waterways.

The app is not incredibly well-designed and is also not particularly appealing to look at, but that is not the main draw of the app itself. The main draw of the NOAA weather app is the severe amount of information that is available; this includes accurate future, hourly and on-the-minute forecasting, live radar tracking of weather systems, wind conditions, and much more. You can download NOAA Weather Unofficial on the Google Play Store for free.

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4. Weather Underground

Weather Underground is perhaps the most unique entry on this list, due in part to the fact that it operates from user-submitted data to generate accurate hyper-local forecasting. Who knows better about what’s going on with the weather in your local area than an expert who lives there? They currently operate from over 250,000 worldwide personal weather stations.

The app is also quite attractive and intuitive to use, with an interactive live radar map and high-quality satellite photos; you’ll always have a picture of what’s going on. You will get the traditional weather information, including current weather conditions, severe conditions warnings, and more.The Weather Underground app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store today.


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If you want to get a clear picture of the weather for the week, then FlowX is the app for you; boasting a system whereby simply swiping through your phone will scroll you through the week’s weather forecast on a single screen, meaning you don’t have to go anywhere.

The app provides you with a great deal of useful data on weather conditions such as wind speed, direction, and a whole host of other useful weather data pools, ensuring that you’re always kept apprised of the latest meteorological developments. The app’s “travel mode” also allows you to plan trips based around its weather forecasting.You can currently download FlowX for free on the Google Play Store, although a premium subscription will unlock additional features such as increased forecasting.



From the list that we have curated, it can be seen that at least one of the apps on the list will tick the boxes for a user, looking to get their new weather app for their activities. From the direct links provided in the article, you will be able to download and try these apps, which can all be used for free, if only for a limited time. Try them out and find the best one for your needs.